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What Can We Do for You?

Here is a list of items and services we can help you get packed and crated and exported, but even if your item isn’t on this list please give us a call or send us a message and we will be happy to discuss your individual custom packing and crating needs:

  • Boats and Pontoons
  • Motorcycles and cars
  • Travel Trailers
  • 5th Wheels
  • RVs
  • Statues, Artwork, Artifacts
  • Telecommunications, electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, biotechnology
  • Custom Crating & Packing (Packaging)

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Large machinery being wrapped on a wooden pallet representing services of export packing company Days Machinery Movers in Elkhart, IN
A small boat wrapped on a wooden pallet representing services of export packing company Days Machinery Movers in Elkhart, IN

Export Packing and Crating

Need something packed for export?

We have the knowledge, personnel and equipment to handle nearly all your shipping needs.

Your high-value machinery, equipment, products and artifacts require the protection Days Export Packing (crating) can provide from handling and vibration during shipping, to moisture control, the elements, and corrosion inhibitors and comes full circle with structural integrity built right into the shipping crate or skid.

Our team works hand in hand with vast experience in machinery moving and export packing. This allows us to be involved from start to finish on many projects, that way we are able to measure, design and build the proper crates and custom skids or foundations required for each machine, component or item that needs shipped.

We apply customized export packing or crating techniques for each specific product, including innovative packing procedures for cost and weight savings. This includes ocean freight packing with our custom preservation methods to prevent damage from corrosion, dust and foreign objects.

We have developed unique, specific and cost-effective methods of preserving, skidding, blocking and bracing for successful container shipments. Overweight and oversize packaging and onsite packaging are also part of our expertise. Our experienced and knowledgeable personnel are trained in rigging and safety certified at all levels. With our other corporate partner, Days Distribution & Logistics, we can pack, deliver and install in one turnkey operation.

We provide the latest packing technology for demanding military and commercial applications and we are ISPM 15 compliant.

Our Rail spur is an added benefit for many customers requiring transloading of their equipment from rail to truck or vice versa. Often times products, machinery and even cargo trailers and RVs can be moved long distances via rail much more cost effectively than by truck. By offering transloading we can assist our customers in keeping costs down and therefore be a more beneficial business partner. Don’t forget we work with freight forwarding companies for your overall convenience as well.

We are your crating and packing experts located in Elkhart, Indiana.

Our Export Packing experts assist in protecting and getting your equipment, machines or other items where they need to be.

  • Crate and/or skid for containers or break-bulk items
  • Moisture control, shrink wraps
  • Export-grade, Heat Treated (HT) stamped lumber
  • Ocean containers can be packed, readied, Loaded and unloaded at our truck docks.
  • Ground level access
  • On-site Rail Spur at our Elkhart, Indiana corporate location.

By working with freight forwarders, we assist in getting your equipment transported overseas to nearly any destination in the World. We even install, so you’re machinery and equipment will be fully operational when you need it.

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